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It all starts with guest list. Why? Because you will need to know how many guests you will have to differ some of the costs. However, do not "over" invite just to try to save some money. Most importantly, never invite anyone who the bachelor can not relax and be himself around. It is his day to let loose and you should only have friends around that will support his actions. He shouldn't have to worry about who will judge him the next day. Never invite the bride's father, brother, cousin, or any friends of the bride. What happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.

Ok, now we need a location. Most restaurants and bars have a room for private events available. When choosing such a place make sure you explain to the manager that you wish to have a bachelor party with live entertainment. Many places do not allow our type of adult entertainment in their facility so you must explain that you plan to have strippers at your party. Believe it or not there are actually some guys out there who have bachelor parties without entertainment. So please be specific with Mr. Manager so he is in the loop. Also it is a good idea to ask him or her if they do many bachelor parties like the one you are having. This is so they are prepared with things like music for the dancers and a place for them to dance and change into their proper stripper attire.

Now that you have the guest list and the facility, its time to call Centerfold Strips (877 427 8747) to reserve the entertainment. We will help you decide what type of entertainment is right for you and your guests. Perhaps you would like to start your show with a novelty act such as an Overweight Stripper, or Little Person (midget) Stripper, or both before getting to two or even four of our Gorgeous Centerfold Females who will take it all off for you. We can then follow that up with our girl on girl lesbian show with all kinds of fun bachelor party games thereafter that I am sure everyone will enjoy.

A few thing to keep in mind. Stay on top of your guest list. Call them, text them, and or email them to make sure everyone is coming. Make sure no one leaks the name of the place to anyone who would not be invited to such an event. I think you know who they are. Make sure your guests arrive at least one full hour before the entertainment begins. Just enough time to eat, drink and be merry without being to intoxicated to enjoy the show.

The Night of the Party:

  • Make sure your venue has everything they need for the event.
  • Bring a change of clothes for the bachelor. (Yes really)
  • Provide plenty of change for your guests. Buy singles, five and tens for tipping your dancers. Entertainers work for tips and are motivated by them. I do not recommend waiting till the end of the party to tip.
  • Tell your guests to turn off all cell phones and put them away. Show a little respect for your buddy and his new stripper friends.
  • Also tell them NOT TOO TAKE PHOTOS. One way to end the party quickly is to take out a cell phone or camera. The girls will run for cover and/or maybe even leave. I doubt the bachelor will appreciate that as well.
  • As each guest enters the party collect his share of the money that he owes. The entertainers will need to collect their fee before they start and if they have to wait it will cut into your time not theirs. So always have their cash ready.
  • Communicate with the entertainers about the bachelor's needs or wants and any physical limitations he may have.

Your entertainers may arrive early or have spare time between shows. They would love to sit down with your party, so make them feel welcome. Offer entertainers food and beverages, including some non-alcoholic selections. Take no offense when they refuse offers of liquor or drugs. Please understand that bottled water is usually preferred over hard liquor when they're wearing six-inch heels and dodging your crazy friends from high school.  Remember, it is their job to work and your job to party.


After The Party:

  • Tip Everyone. Bartenders, Servers, Bouncers, anyone who worked the event. They probably all hate some of your crazy friends right now and this will ease the pain and allow you to come back again.
  • Don't let guest's drink and drive. Offer to drive inebriated guests home, get them a cab, or insist they stay over.
  • Tuck your boy in. Nighty Night.

The Day After:

  • Reward yourself for a job well done!
  • Send us a review of your party to
  • Recover.
  • Help the Bachelor Recover.
  • Try to figure out whose thong is in your pocket.
  • Issue apologies in mass quantities (probably to the bride's side).

Here is a sample email that you can cut and paste and send to your guests.


As you are well aware our dear friend____________ is about to get married and to celebrate his last days as free man I will be throwing his bachelor party on Saturday, January 1, 2009. The party will be held at the ABC Restaurant and Lounge located at 123 Main Street, Any town, State. The phone number to the ABC is 555-555-5555. The time to arrive is 7 pm sharp. Dress code for the ABC is business casual.

We will start the event with dinner and drinks followed by the Entertainers of The World Famous Centerfold Strips as seen on The Howard Stern Show, Penthouse Magazine, Maxim Magazine, The Wall Street Journal &

I have reserved the private events room at The ABC from 7 pm to 11 pm. There will be an open bar with top shelf liquor included but premium and shots are additional. Your portion of the night's festivities will be $150 and I will need to collect that when you arrive so I can pay everyone. Please bring some extra funds to tip dancers and make sure our friend ________has a great time.

Per our friend _________and the lovely Entertainers request, please leave your cell phone and or camera behind. Remember …"What happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party", thanks in advance.

Do not reveal the location to anyone else. They may not be invited.
Please RSVP ASAP so I may make the final reservations.
Thank You,
The Best Man

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