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1) Who is CenterfoldStrips.Com?

CenterfoldStrips.Com is a national company that specializes in providing upscale, exotic world class entertainment. CenterfoldStrips.Com has enjoyed over 14 years of success & has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The E! Channel, HBO, The Howard Stern Show (4X),, Penthouse Magazine & MAXIM Magazine (2X) and many, many more major media outlets. Our stunning, reliable professional dancers have been featured on television, in the top magazines, and in the hottest gentlemen's clubs in the US. We are available for any occasion including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, Super Bowl and sporting events, retirement parties, corporate events, promotional events, adult theme parties, passion parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, or absolutely any function! In addition, Centerfold Strips also supplies other types of novelty entertainment such as male and female little people, overweight strippers, celebrity impersonators, comedians, singing telegrams, drag queens, party chefs, dj's, cigar rollers, and much more.

2) Why should I use CenterfoldStrips.Com?

Gorgeous Entertainers: We are extremely picky about the entertainers we hire. Our gorgeous centerfold models have been featured on television, Hollywood movies, in the top adult magazines, and in the hottest gentlemen's clubs around the globe! The are known for their class, sex appeal, and outstanding personalities.

Reliability: Our entertainers actually show up to your party. You would be surprised by the great number of phone calls we receive on Saturday night from people who booked from a different company and their talent never showed up.

Price: Our prices are extremely reasonable. We also fulfill what we advertise. Don't be fooled by places that charge a little less than us for the dancer, but then charge almost double that when the dancer shows up because their price didn't include "nudity". Peace of Mind: Once you have a dancer reserved with us, you no longer have to worry about entertainment. After your initial reservation is completed, it is not necessary for you to call us to confirm. However, it is important to call us with your room number if your event is booked at a hotel. Of course, if at any time you have any questions, you can call our customer service line.

3) How does this work?

It starts with a phone call from you to our toll free line at 877.427.8747 where you will speak to one of our friendly, professional booking agents who are fully committed to helping you plan the entertainment for your party at an affordable price. You may also book entertainment directly through our website at

4) What information does the agent need to help me?

We need to know the city, state, and zip code of the party, the date of the party, the type of party, the budget set aside for entertainment, the number of guests attending the party, and the type of entertainment needed.

5) What is my entertainment budget?

When you are planning a party bear in mind that all party guests are going to be chipping in, so the cost is distributed over the total amount of people. For Example if you have 20 guests attending the party & the bill is $200.00 the cost is only $10.00 per person!  So, you must first know exactly how many guests will be attending the party. Then you must calculate how much each person will contribute toward the entertainment bill. That will give you your total entertainment budget. Important Fact - THE ENTERTAINMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF THE PARTY! It is the number one thing that the party guests are going to remember, and talk about for years to come. No one will care or remember what kind of food was served or what kind of beer they drank. What people will always remember & talk about is the world class performance they saw & experienced from our Centerfold Strippers!

6) What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Cash. A small deposit is usually placed on your credit card, upon your approval, and the balance is paid to the entertainers in cash upon arrival. Other arrangements can be made as well. Just call one of agents for assistance. 

7) How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

It will not say Centerfold Strips. It will be discreet and not mention anything about strippers.

8) Where can I have my party?

Anywhere you would like. Centerfold Strips entertainers perform at restaurants, bars, offices, professional offices, doctors offices, hospital rooms, hotels, motels, private homes, apartments, catering halls, limousines, limo buses, private party halls, vfw halls, elks lodges, American legion halls, or absolutely any location. It is imperative that you get permission from the management of venue if it is privately owned, BEFORE you book entertainment there. If you are planning a hotel party, they will never give you permission, so don't even bother to ask. We have done thousands of hotel parties - the key to it is to keep the noise level down to a minimum, so you do not get kicked out. When booking a hotel party with us, upon making your reservation, we will need to know the first and last name of the person whose name the room is reserved under. It is imperative that you call us immediately when you check into the hotel with the exact room # that you want the entertainment to arrive at.

9) I would like to have my party in a remote location like a Caribbean island. Is that possible?

Yes we can fly our entertainers to you anywhere on the planet. 

10) How many people do I need to have a party?

Ten is the minimum.

11) How old does everyone have to be at my party?

Eighteen is the minimum age to attend any of our events.

12) How long do the entertainers dance for and do they dance nude?

Male entertainers usually do a half hour strip show down to a g-string. However we can accommodate hour shows both nude and g-string. Females usually do an hour show and it is nude unless otherwise specified. The exception is if you are having a mixed crowd at your party (both male and female guests) the bottoms stay on for all entertainers. We can always accommodate special requests. Just ask an agent.

13) What do I need to have ready at the time of the entertainers arrival?

Please have the balance of the money ready in cash to be given to the entertainer upon their arrival. Also they will need a private room to change in. This could even be a bathroom. Have ample chairs available for your guests so everyone is seated comfortably and can see the show.

14) Do you have midget strippers and how much are they?

Well first let me say this is the most popular question as of lately. They prefer to be called "little people" and the males start at $350.00 and up if they are locally available in your area, and the females start at $750.00 and up if they are locally available in your area. The price depends on how much travel the little person has to do to attend your party. And no they are not cheaper because they are smaller. They are more expensive because they are extremely scarce & in high demand.

15) Do you have other novelty acts?

Yes! We have big beautiful woman (overweight female strippers), senior citizen strippers, drag queens, celebrity impersonators, dj's, party chefs, magicians, comedians, cigar rollers, and many more acts are being added every day. 

16) What is the 30 minute window and why is it necessary?

This is for the entertainer's arrival time. We always require a 30 minute window for the entertainer's arrival time in case the entertainer is delayed for any reason such as traffic, parking, construction, or other delays. So when booking please provide this 1/2 hour window to the agent.

17) What happens if I am forced to cancel my entertainment?

There is a $100.00 dollar cancellation fee for each entertainer that you have reserved that will be charged to the credit card on file. It is a $250.00 dollar cancellation fee for all novelty acts. If you cancel within 24 hours of the time and date of the event then you will be responsible & charged for the entire amount.  

18) What is your return policy?

There isn't one under any circumstances.

19) Do I need to supply the music?

Absolutely. We only supply the talent. It is the clients responsibility to provide music for their event. All of our dancers are professional and will dance to whatever you choose to listen to. 

20) Is tipping the entertainer included in the price I was charged?

No. There is no mandatory gratuity but in order to get a great performance from the entertainer we strongly suggest having everyone prepared to tip accordingly. We recommend going to the bank before the event, to get stacks of singles so you can make change for your guests. All entertainers work for tips, and appreciate gratuities. 

21) Can I take pictures during the show?

NO. Centerfold Strips & the entertainers have a strict no photograph or video policy. If a party guests is caught taking photos - we reserve the right to confiscate the film, or erase digital images.  

22) Do you offer massage, escorts, or one on one shows?

No, no, and no. We stay clear of anything that even remotely resembles prostitution or anything illegal. If the entertainers are being propositioned for any sexual services, the show will be terminated immediately & you and or your guest/s will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

23) I gave my cell phone as the contact number for the party. What if the battery dies or I have no signal?

No problem that is why we take an alternate contact and their cell number as well.

24) How far in advance should I reserve entertainment?

As far in advance as possible is recommended, but we will accommodate all requests even same day service if we can.

25) What days of the week can I have a party?

Any day is a great day for a party but keep in mind the most popular is Saturday between 8 pm and 12 midnight.

26) What are some of the costumes the dancers can come wearing?

Males- Cop, Pizza Delivery, Construction Worker, Business Suit, Job Applicant, etc.
Females - Party Guest, New Patient in Dr Office, Job Applicant at office, stranded motorist, Lingerie, etc.

27) What are your office hours?

Booking agents are available Monday - Saturday between 12PM EST and 7PM EST to make a reservation.

28) What if I need to speak to someone from your company at the time of my party?

Agents are on call during your event to assist you.

29) Is my reservation confidential?

Absolutely. Centerfold Strips.Com, its parent company and affiliates will never reveal, sell or trade any personal information about any of our clients.    

Feature Entertainers Feature Entertainers

Centerfold Strips presents our Feature Entertainers. This elite group of dancers are the hottest, sexiest high-energy showgirls, who have reached the pinnacle of the exotic dancing industry! This stunning collection of superstar cover girl models have graced the covers and centerfolds for the top men's & fashion magazines worldwide. Their countless credits also include major Hollywood productions, television, and of course, adult stars in their own film projects.Credits & Appearences

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