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Company Structure & Overview

Centerfold Strips is a legal US based corporation, with all proper licenses, and certifications in place.

The competition – no legally formed business entity, operating illegally with no corporate structure, accountants, lawyers, etc. & no certifications or licenses.


Centerfold Strips has a professional fully staffed office outfitted with the latest technology – pbx phone system, computers, proprietary booking software, and other essential business machines.

The competition – they operate out of the trunk of their car with an old, staticy cell phone. (Can you hear me now?)

Office Staff

Centerfold Strips expert booking agents are courteous, highly trained, organized and efficient. The professional office staff at Centerfold Strips have business degrees from the finest universities. Our fully staffed office is always available for our clients during normal business hours.

The competition ?

Operating Experience

Centerfold Strips has been successfully operating for over 25 years!

The competition – Unethical, unprofessional fly-by-night gypsies with little or no operating experience or business accumen.

Organization & Booking

Only Centerfold Strips has propietary booking software ensuring fast, accurate bookings and the highest level of client satisfaction. We realize your time is extremely valuable, and our software system has revolutionzied the industry and streamlined the booking process to make it easy & efficient. There are two easy ways to book entertainment with Centerfold Strips. Online at or by calling our toll free phone at 1-877-307-6437.

The competition – paper & a pen, unorganized, inefficient with unhappy & unsatisfied clients.


We have very high standards for our entertainers, and Centerfold Strips only hires the absolute best performers in the industry. While many entertainers apply for positions with Centerfold Strips, very few pass though our rigorous & thorough screening process. Centerfold Strips entertainers must not only posess gorgeous looks, but it is essential that they have class, a friendly disposition and of course be prompt, professional & reliable. Our highly skilled entertainers are loyal to Centerfold Strips because we give them the highest pay rate in the industry & the largest volume of shows.

Centerfold Strips entertainers are all gorgeous, prompt, reliable and professional - ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction, and repeat business. All Photos listed on are true employees of Centerfold Strips.

The competition – They will use anybody they can to fulfill your booking request. They do not care about repeat business, as they are just looking to rip you off this one time. Beware There are many unscrupulous agencies who post phony photos on their websites, & intentionally bait and switch their clients. The talent that arrives at your party is NOT the entertainer you picked off their website. Their talent is subpar, unreliable, ungroomed & unprofessional.

Your event is a very special occasion, and you have only one chance to plan it correctly. Why risk booking with an unprofessional agency, and ruining your party when you can book with the best – Centerfold Strips. In addition, your friends, relatives & party guests are going to hold you responsible for your bad decision if you choose a less professional service. There are no second chances – so book the only intelligent choice for entertainment – Centerfold Strips.


Centerfold Strips pricing is fairly priced. Our prices are not the highest or lowest in the industry. Our prices are extremely competitive in the marketplace & you are guranteed exceptional value when booking Centerfold Strips premium entertainers. Remember “that quality is an element of savings”.

Don’t be fooled by low quotes by other agencies. If you think about it logically – the top entertainers in the business command the highest payroll. If someone quotes you a low price that is a direct reflection on the quality of their entertainers and service.

Warning – If something sounds to good to be true it definitely is. Many fraudulent agencies especially in California & Las Vegas will attempt to lure clients in with very low prices. Then when the entertainer arrives, they demand & hustle the clients for additional money to perform.

Customer Support & Customer Service

Centerfold Strips booking agents are always accessible during normal business hour via our toll free phone # 1-877-307-6437 or via email at

After normal business hours & during times when there are active events, there is ALWAYS a Centerfold Strips representative answering the phones available to our clients and entertainers for support.

The competition – you will get a voicemail, with absolutely no customer support.

Redundancy, and emergency back up plans

Although the other agencies are in denial & do not want to discuss this issue, we do. Occasionally there is an emergency whether an entertainer becomes ill, or a car breaks down, roads are closed due to flooding, etc. These are emergencies that are beyond our control. Therefore we have a redundancy plan in place.

Firstly, Centerfold Strips has the largest roster of professional entertainers in the industry. In the unlikely event, that an emergency arises, we have the ability to rapidly respond to the situation & dispatch another entertainer to the show. We also maintain a hold list which contains accurate schedules of the entertainers to rapidly and efficiently expedite this process.

The competition – does not answer the phone, so they will not know a problem even exists until the next day when and if they check their voicemail.

Feature Entertainers Feature Entertainers

Centerfold Strips presents our Feature Entertainers. This elite group of dancers are the hottest, sexiest high-energy showgirls, who have reached the pinnacle of the exotic dancing industry! This stunning collection of superstar cover girl models have graced the covers and centerfolds for the top men's & fashion magazines worldwide. Their countless credits also include major Hollywood productions, television, and of course, adult stars in their own film projects.Credits & Appearences

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