Clownalyn Monroe



Measurements: Height: 5' 5" Hair Color: Pink Eye Color: Brown

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Special Talents

Balloon Twister


Clownalyn Monroe is the most wonderful Clown who ever graced the face of the earth. She entertains people of every age from 0 to 98 so far. She has done everything from kids parties/Bar Mitzvahs,Bat Mitzvahs/Adult Birthday Parties/music videos/movies/photo shoots/ charity events and so much more! Loving every moment of her time with you she does animal balloons of many kinds, plays a game of musical chairs or something fun like that depending on the occasion and a song and dance. Although she has been asked to do other things and is happy to oblige ie. Music videos and photo shoots. She is the most endearing sweetest clown that ever has been and you will have the best time ever if you have her come to your party! If you want a happy Clown with nothing but love for you have Clownalyn come to your event! You can see an example of her work at and . Fun for all ages Clownalyn is the best Clown to entertain you and your loved ones anytime, all the time. If you want to make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face hire Clownalyn Monroe. May the rainbows and glitter follow you on your path of life and may you live forever xoxox Clownalyn Monroe